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Coming fast

In early 2021, Argos was born out of an open-source
collaboration between groups in two very different
universities to re-imagine the textbook for the digital age
and return power to educators.

In January 2022, the first products will go live on Argos.
By March, we will serve over ten thousand K-16 students.
By September, we will serve over a hundred thousand
across hundreds of universities and schools and have
100 products covering the first two years of the college

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Argos Education

Retaking textbooks

Several disruptive teams at Carnegie Mellon University and
Arizona State University have been designing,
building, and distributing next-generation digital textbook

Their products are provably effective, sell for significantly less
than digital products from textbook publishers, and can
generate more money for the programs creating them than
they cost to create.

Argos believes this model is the future. We exist to bring that
future into being.

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Reclaiming course design

Why can’t educators edit the digital content they adopt to
meet the needs of their students? Why must they waste
hours performing backflips in their LMS to work around
the fact that they can’t?

Why are the thousands of educators who adopt the same
digital “textbook” all working alone? Why can’t they share
ideas and try improvements together?

Why are educators stuck using only the products that
textbook publishers find profitable to make, updated on a
schedule they find profitable to maintain?

Argos will change all of this.

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Be a part of it

Join us. You can be a publisher, an adopter, or both.
We’re focused on migrating our inaugural partners
and their customers but we are also looking for early
new participants who can help us shape the future.

Explore with us

A different ecosystem


Access your EdTech
Remove barriers for educators by making design,
content, and tools an on-demand service.
Create quickly and easily
Make all creators great learning
design experts with AI-powered
workflows and templates.
Keep improving
Rapid, data-informed
to courses yield
ever better results for learners.


Enable insights
Reduce data loss, capture what is necessary
to inform improvements.
Create and be rewarded
Increase opportunities for contributors
to be recognized and earn.
Upcycle content
Improve modularity for
as well as reuse,
and only what is needed.
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Argos Education Argos Education