Advance your mission values & sustainability

in a changing world

Maintain your uniqueness

As the “college experience” shifts away from dining halls and toward a more blended world, your students need to feel just as much a part of your unique institution online as they do on your physical campus. You can’t do that adopting commodity products from textbook publishers and designing your courses around them. But you can’t build everything from scratch either.

With Argos you can adopt and adapt products designed by peer institutions like your own rather than by big corporations trying to make one-size-fits-all solutions. Adapt them to your unique needs. Or make your own when you have a unique course or program to offer to the world. Take your choices — and your identity — back.

Argos isn’t a publisher. It’s a marketplace and a maker space where you can create, share, and adopt, on your own or with your peer institutions.

Make revenues and make contributions

If you do create your own digital courseware, you decide what to do with it. You can keep it for yourself to help differentiate your academic experience. You can sell it in the Argos marketplace. Or contribute it to the academic commons as Open Educational Resources (OER).

You get to balance mission and sustainability goals.

Optimize for your priorities

Does your institution have an affordability mandate? You can emphasize affordability by encouraging OER adoption. Do you encourage online teaching standards such as Quality Matters? You can offer customized editions of titles that have been reviewed and modified to support the rubric? In fact, why not do both? You can create tested and improved versions of OER titles, offering high quality at low cost. Then again, maybe there are high-quality products created by leading lights in a discipline. Maybe they cost a little more but offer an effective and distinctive learning experience. If that’s best for your students, you can make that choice. You can mix and match. The textbook market doesn’t dictate your choices.

With Argos, you make the market be what you want and need it to be.

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