Academic freedom.


Cut the cord on textbook publishers

Ideally, the textbook you adopt should be integrated into the larger vision you have for your course. It gives you pieces you like. A foundation and some raw materials for the learning journey you are designing for your students.

But digital textbooks don’t work that way. You have very little freedom change them. You can’t easily edit content you don’t like. Or add your own. It’s as if the content is still a bound book. It makes your life more complicated rather than less because now you have to integrate it into all the other pieces you’re putting into the LMS and then write complicated instructions into your syllabus and documents to help the students navigate. It wastes your time and confuses your students.

Argos changes all of that. In Argos, content can be edited, but it does more than just that. It’s designed to help educators make changes that have real impact on student learning without having to jump through hoops to work around the technology.

Learn with colleagues

Just because you want to design your course your way doesn’t mean that you should be all alone. If thousands of other educators have chosen the same digital “textbook” and are working hard to improve it, why shouldn’t you be able to share ideas with them? Compare notes? Try each other’s ideas? With Argos, the base content you adopt is the hub of a learning community. Maybe there’s a chapter or module that isn’t designed well. Why should you all re-invent the wheel separately?

Argos enables you to crowdsource the improvement of the content by working in parallel with them. You don’t have to take their suggestions or adopt their changes. But you can. And you can choose to share your teaching craft with them.

We’ll learn from (and with) you

If this sounds good to you, you’re probably wondering how all this works. Right now we’re working hard with our early adopters to get the system up and running with their content, educators, and students. We’ll have more to show soon. And we’ll want your input.

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