A Different Ecosystem

About Argos Education

In 2012 at a bar near the EDUCAUSE conference, Argos co-founders Curtiss Barnes and Michael Feldstein sketched out an idea for how the textbook industry needed to change to accommodate digital learning experiences.

The world wasn’t ready yet.

In early 2021, while their consulting company was facilitating an open-source collaboration, the two partners had a revelation. The project was a cooperative between Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI), Arizona State University’s Center for Education through Exploration (ETX), and the software development company Unicon to build a next-generation platform for digital curricular experiences. Curtiss had saved the notes from that 2012 conversation. The opportunity for real change had finally arrived.

Curtiss and Michael promptly founded Argos Education, which is both built on and contributes to that open-source project. Argos is the Ancient Greek city from which Perseus began his Hero’s Journey. Argos Education exists to support the s/heroes who teach and learn in classrooms every day.

The Argos Team

Curtiss Barnes
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Anita Delahay
Chief Research Officer
Michael Feldstein
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Brandi Robinson
Senior Advisor
Misty Frost
Senior Advisor to Founding Team
Eric Hilfer
Senior Technical Advisor
Nicole Sullivan
Senior Advisor
Marc Hughes
Principal Engineer
Unicon, Inc.
Joint Venture Partner