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Argos is proud to be a part of Arizona State University‚Äôs Center for Education Through Exploration (ETX Center) launch of Infiniscope 2.0. The program, which reaches 4,500 educators serving tens of thousands of students, has grown to that size in only four years. Its immersive, guided experiential learning lessons take students on a wide range of educational adventures in which students learn by doing, complete with adaptive feedback and personalized pathways.

The new, improved Infiniscope 2.0 is powered by the Argos platform. One hundred percent of the elaborate lessons authored on the now-discontinued Smart Sparrow platform are runnable, editable, and extendable on Argos. And new lessons are being developed on Argos as well.

Read more about Infiniscope 2.0 in ASU’s press release.

We helped save the universe! (Sort of.)